Thursday, March 31, 2011

Domestic violence as a disciplinary method

There is quite a lot of conversation in many places about a number of candidates saying that they think pulling children's hair as a disciplinary method should be acceptable.

Mostly it's about the morals of it, but I'll add my not-so-moral two cents: no matter what opinion one holds about organized violence's role in society, one-on-one violence is quite unpredictable and often leads to unintended outcomes. Even if the other person is considerably smaller than you, there is a serious risk that an entirely wrong person will end up getting an entirely unintended educational experience.

If the other person is a child, and you are an adult, you are bound by law, some degree of common sense, and awareness of medical consequences, whereas their understanding of all of the above might be a bit deficient.

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Anonymous said...

Domestic violance is far to strong and misleading way to call this 'issue'. Even though I was born not three decades ago my dad didn't hesitate to take his leather belt and use it. Me and my brother are gratious to our dad how he showed us the road to go even the surroundings did engourage us to go the other way. We lived normal middle class life in the capital area and are still one happy family.

Nowadays as a 'young adult' when I see these 'little cartmans' near the malls or grocery stores gets me just wondering... Well my kids are and will be grown with discipline, I won't be growing up any cartmans that's for sure.