Thursday, November 04, 2010

I am back!

I was on vacation, mostly in Paris and Rome. From Paris I went for a day trip to Chartres, which had an amazing cathedral, and now I am vaguely wondering how come we haven't visited the cathedrals in Rouen and Amiens and many other places.

Now I am celebrating the victory in the US elections. The victory consists of the Republicans getting the majority in the House. I am really uncomfortable with either party having the House, the Senate and the White House at the same time, and now it's over for the Democrats this time round.

Helsingin Sanomat had a lot of people commenting about how Americans are stupid and have voted totally wrong. For some reason it makes me giggle.


Luray VA Accommodations said...

If you went to Rome then I’m sure it would be the amazing tour. I have visited there and especially The Great Squares, which I like most.
Do you have trip pictures of Rome? Kindly share with me some pictures of Rome trip.

Anonymous said...

Can you tell how common is the idea that in the US, whites are a minority or will soon become one?

I've heard this a few times in Finland and now HS talks about "white minority". I guess that could be a misquote but they keep repeating it and as I said, I've heard educated Finns tell me that US is ruled by a white minority desperately clinging onto power.


Anonymous said...

Aminens has funny floor.

I think people voted Obama, because he was as far away from the idiot as possible. I was expecting him to fall quite quickly, because too much expectations were loaded on him. Also because he is too academic for averate joe and too little "one of us" ... and because the economy was/is/will be so fucked up in multiple levels.

Anyhow the economic situation including wars were not created by democrats, so it would be fair not to punish them for it. Tea party is mostly republican movement, yet it was republicans who started overspending.

In Finland overspending is mostly leftish politics, in usa it rightish.


I do not know however it is wise to correct problems created by lax money politics with lax money politics. The logic of fixing something with the same thing that caused it, is the logic of an addict. The fact that increased dose (=growth) is needed to accomplish the same effect (such as stable unemployment rate), is also consistent with addiction.

Anyhow the worlds economy has been unbalance for the last 20 years, with CRMB underpriced and china lending US the money it is overspending while receiving US industry. Anyhow the overspending has to come to an end, and delaying to more with overspending is most likely not going to help. I think the results will be big and no pleasant for most and eventually US is going to lose and China is going to win. My feeling is that europe in general is going to be closer to US than china.

We will see and feel it.


Anonymous said...

The U.S. has a White majority. Minorities compose just over one-third of the population, with Latino and Black as the largest minority groups.

According to the Census Bureau's estimation for 2005, 45% of American children under the age of 5 belonged to minority groups.

Anyhow it seems to be so complex for many reporters to check the facts... or they do not want facts to ruin the story.

... And at the moment it looks now like change is coming ...