Tuesday, October 05, 2010

News of the peaceful, and Islamic Students Societies in UK

Faisal Shahzad got life in prison without parole for that little bomb he left in a car on Times Square. "The war with Muslims has just begun," said the man who has clearly missed something essential in the concept of the religion of peace. He has also invited everybody present to Islam (trying to inspire them by his own stellar example, I am sure) and interrupted the judge with "Allahu Akbar".

Nidal Malik Hasan, the guy who went on a shooting rampage in Fort Hood, is still waiting for a hearing. Seeing as he has been a more successful terrorist than Faisal Shahzad, he might actually be sentenced to his paradise and get a 72-year-old virgin. The most sexual contact Faisal Shahzad is likely to get would be Richard Reid.

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab the pantybomber is still awaiting his trial as well. He is not very likely to receive a death penalty, but if it's not clear to him what one should do with 72 virgins after burning one's dick off, I have a bit of advice: use your hands, man.

Abdulmutallab was the president of the Islamic Student Society of University College London.

There are 25 Islamic Student Societies in London. By an amazing coincidence three of their presidents got convicted for terrorism in the last 3 years. Waheed Zaman, one of the liquid bombing plot participants, was the president of the Islamic Student Society of London Metropolitan University, and is currently serving a life sentence for that liquid bombing plot. Yassin Nassari, the guy who led the Islamic Student Society of University Westminster is merely serving a few years for smuggling Qassam blueprints.

The funny thing that every time a president or another member of an Islamic Student Society in UK gets caught for taking his spiritual struggle a bit too explosively, the Islamic Student Society in question is totally shocked that one of them has done something like that, and hurries to explain that they would have never imagined...

I can well understand that a member of an organization can turn out to be a terrorist without any encouragement from the organization. When 3 of the presidents of 25 sister organizations, and a number of other members, turn out to be terrorists, it does seem a bit too much of a coincidence. When the umbrella organization of those 25 invites Anwar Al-Awlaki, by that time a known terrorist spiritual leader, as the distinguished guest speaker for their 2003 annual dinner, the coincidence becomes quite improbable. When one of the organizations holds video lectures by the same man in 2008, when he is already wanted for terrorism by two governments, the coincidence reaches the orders of magnitude of the Infinite Improbability drive.

According to a poll made 2 years ago Islamic Student Society members, who constitute 25% of Muslim students, are quite radical. 65% of the active members want to introduce Sharia for Muslims in Britain (as opposed to 36% of non-member Muslims). 58% of active members and 26% of non-members support worldwide Caliphate. 60% of active members thought it was acceptable to kill in the name of religion (49% only if the religion were under attack, 11% just to promote religion). Non-member Muslim students were only 32% for killing in the name of religion, 4% for killing just to promote religion. For comparison's sake, 2% of non-Muslim students thought it acceptable to kill in the name of religion.

All of the above is not even really news anymore, but I just wish some journalist would rub it in the face of Islamic Student Societies the next time they are publicly surprised about one of their stray leaders being sentenced to a life in prison.

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