Sunday, August 15, 2010

You really can't bugger a hedgehog

They are very cute, and very prickly. More pictures here.

A friend of mine is breeding those. The temptation is huge.


Anonymous said...


Pitää kuitenkin muistaa, että ne ovat yöeläimiä eli siinä on sitten kovasti rapinaa ja kopinaa öisin. Lisäksi, jos pitäisit niitä yhtään vapaana, alueen pitäisi olla aika siisti, ettei ne pääse tekemään tuhojaan/katoa koloihin/syö johtoja yms. :)

Ja lämpötilan täytyy pysyä yli 17 asteen. Muuten menevät horrokseen ja kuolevat siihen.

Muuten ottaisin minäkin, mutta just ton elinympäristön takaaminen ei ehkä onnistu, kun ei ole ihan sitä vakituista asuntoa.

Ilkka said...

Oh how cute they are (or is there only one in the pictures...)!!

Anonymous said...

Hedgehog is a preserved/protected species in Finland. I hope that your friend lives somewhere else, preferably very far. I also hope that this person will someday learn to respect wonders of nature, big and small, instead of exploiting them for own amusement.

Anonymous said...

Ei kai tuo sentään pihasiili ole, vaan ihan lemmikiksi kelpaava kääpiösiili.

To pissed-off anonymous nature lover: methinks that is not a wildlife hedgehog, but a pet four-toe hedgehog. No crime here. Go save some whales.

Anonymous said...

I am very sorry. Please forgive me, I feel stupid for not knowing such domesticated hedgehogs even exist.

Burgeri said...

Oh my god! Weaponized cuteness!

And yes, the regular hedgehog is darker, larger and unfortunately becoming an increasingly rare sight :(

My parents have a picture of one of their previous dogs resting in the garden, surrounded by 8 curious spikeballs. But it has been years since they've last seen even one.

Anonymous said...

Hi, as the above-mentioned breeder, I must say: great pictures. Arawn, hedgies do not eat wiring but they are indeed very good at disappearing into small spaces, if one is not careful.

This litter was also very unusual colour, with white spines and dark mask and skin. Both parents were black (with dark spines). Genetics can be strange.

Ironmistress said...

Aww, how cute! Those guys are real heartbreakers :-)