Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Sleep, what's that?

I should really write every day in a Bridget Jones style how many hours I have slept, and what has prevented me from sleeping more.

The common reasons for going to bed late: had someone over, was at someone's place, been to a party, been out for a beer with friends, been reading a book, been to the movies, been blogging, been on IRC, been studying Chinese characters, been masturbating, been trying to read the TV Tropes through, been on the phone with someone living far away, been cooking, been thinking whether I want an ice cream, been thinking, been just too lazy to get my ass from the chair to bed.


Anonymous said...

Here's a test to track how many Chinese characters you can guess:



Anonymous said...

Ni hao!

For me it is easy to remember the meaning of a character, but the fact that the prononciation is completely or almost completely not related is hard.

Even harder it is to tell the spoken words apart, because the all sound the same and the language has nothing to resemble european language group...