Sunday, May 09, 2010

Greens 1, trams 0

How come every time there is some Green demonstration in Helsinki the trams stop running properly? I've seen many different kinds of demonstrations in town, and pretty much everyone else, including the bearded supporters of Hezbollah, had the sense to stay off the tram tracks. But I guess protesting the new nuclear power plants is too important to allow one's fellow men and women even a partial use of public transportation.


Unknown said...

Prolly they use nuclear electric in trams.

Walk or drive bicycle, Greens also may have this goal on their mind.


pjt said...

Actually, Helsingin Energia is the most coal-intensive electricity producer of them all, so when opposing nuclear energy by stopping things that *don't* run with nuclear electricity, they are simply following the consistent internal logic of the movement.

Vera said...

Next time I see something like that, I'll catch some Green, sit on him, and ride him home. :)