Thursday, November 26, 2009


I have gotten many Facebook friend invites lately, from people whose names I don't recognize. Usually I ask them "who the hell are you", but lately I was too overwhelmed even for that. (Overwhelmed by work, mind you. I am not that popular, to be overwhelmed entirely by Facebook invites.

I am trying to keep Facebook for my real-life friends and acquaintances. I also accept friend requests from Net acquaintances, and sometimes from blog fans who are friends of friends, etc, but please, people: if you are not sure I know your name, I probably don't, and if I know you as "blogger X" or "nickname Y from IRC" or "that guy who talked with me at that party and would like to talk again", please mention that in your request. I really don't know half of the real names of the people I meet on the Net.

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Anonymous said...

I was in a car accident in 1999. I basically broke a windshield with my face on the way to my senior rally. Im 35 now and it's been 18 years...Recently on top of the scar tissue that built up above my lip I saw what I thought was a zit under the skin. Except it refused to pop no matter what I did or what product I put on it. It finally developed a tiny scab after messing with it so much only the scab felt extremely sharp. I thought nothing of it and picked at it once in a while and kept treating it with medicine until tonight. I wiggled the scab back and forth while I was watching TV and all of the sudden felt something in my hand. It was hard as a rock and I thought wow this is a crazy scab I want to go look at it. Lo and behold in the bathroom I did not look down at a scab. I was holding a tiny Shard of glass in my hand. There was very little blood but it scare the crap out of me. I am actually relieved though because I was planning on going to the dermatologist and thought that they were going to have to cut me open to handle this very annoying zit which I begin to think was either is skin cancer or an irritated mole. I'm so relieved that all it was was an 18 year old piece of glass even though thinking about it makes my stomach hurt. I immediately looked it up on Google and found out that I'm not the only one. So glad we're all okay