Wednesday, May 20, 2009

How do you make love to a porcupine?

Carefully. Very carefully.

This simple wisdom was lost on a couple of Russians, as well as the really sad experience of their countryman with a raccoon.

Incredible. Fucking incredible (pun intended). If one can imagine a person of a certain kind of sexual inclination wanting to make love to a raccoon, which at least looks cute and fluffy until it starts giving you a blow job, one would think that the very sight of a porcupine makes one realize why fucking one is a very bad idea indeed.

The lawmakers of the state of Florida thought otherwise, and made having sex with a porcupine a crime. This did not deter two Russian tourists, who wanted to know why it was a crime.

Well, they found out. Porcupine needles in the genital area were not fun.

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