Tuesday, July 01, 2008

In the news

Robert Williams, the torturer-rapist about whom I wrote a couple of weeks ago, has been found guilty on 44 charges. The sentencing is on July 24.

While we are on the subject of people who have disqualified themselves from human race, Zimbabwe's Marxist president Robert Mugabe seems to have "won" his election, using methods (don't click if you get nightmares easily) that are quite grotesque even by local standards.

Mugabe said that the opposition will never govern while he is alive. If I were one of his advisors, I'd be screaming "No, man! Don't give them any ideas!" But that's probably why I am not an advisor to a third-world dictator, but just a blogger in Helsinki.

In any case, if the opposition decides to deal with him in the same way as the opposition of Equatorial Guinea has dealt with their President for Life, Francisco Macias Nguema (his life as a President for Life ended by a firing squad), nobody will miss them much. Not even the UN, who is still thinking whether to express deep concern or grave concern.

Seriously, there are green hairy things in my fridge who could lead a country better than Mugabe, although I suspect that this is a general rule: any green hairy thing from any fridge can lead a country better than any Marxist.

In other news, Western immorality keeps invading Yemen: another 9-year-old filed for divorce If it continues like that, soon all the 9-year-old girls in the country are divorced.

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