Friday, April 12, 2013

An open letter to IRS

Dear IRS,

I do hereby solemnly swear that I don't file my federal taxes for fun and personal entertainment, but because you require me to. If you would like to change your mind and stop requiring tax returns from people whose total income is 0, adjusted gross income is 0, and taxes or refunds owed are 0, please do so, it would be most welcome. Until then - please adjust your processing software to be able to process the forms where these values are 0.

Also, please do not ask people to put things in parentheses if your forms don't accept parentheses.

Checkboxes that cannot be unchecked are not a nice touch, either.


jmk said...

Do you really have to file a tax return even for zero taxable income?

Anonymous said...

Suomen nettimaatalousverotuslomakkeessa oli kanssa kiva juttu. Oli pakollista täyttää omistusosuus maatalousyhtiöstä (tai mikä se byrokraattinen nimitys olikaan). Ja siinä oli mukana puoliso. Omistan yhtiön sataprosenttisesti ja puolisoni nollaprosenttisesti. Ainoa ongelma on, että minulla ei ole puolisoa (koskaan ollutkaan).

Vera said...

Jmk: yes, I do. If I had zero actual income, or a very low income, I wouldn't have to, but since I have a normal income that comes to zero taxable because of the foreign income exclusion I still have to file.

Vera said...

Anonymous: heh. :)