Sunday, July 04, 2010

Gay Pride: morons found

Went to see the Pride parade yesterday. No, didn't see the attack on it, but heard that those morons have been found and caught too.

I like watching the Pride parades, and sometimes participating if I happen to wake up early enough, which I didn't. One thing that always makes me wonder, though: every time there is at least several people in it proudly displaying portraits of Che Guevara. I always wonder what kind of moron would bring a portrait of a celebrity homophobe to a Gay Pride parade.

Well, I guess the moron has been found now. I saw 4 people (not in the same group) carrying identical Che Guevara balloons, and when I came a bit closer to one of them, I noticed the text under Che: SKP. This SKP, I assume.


Simo said...

Those gas attackers should be given a pro-gay prize. Now it's once again brave and fashionable to come out of closet when it has been demonstrated that there exists violent opposition to homosexuality. Also Christian Democrats will have harder time opposing same-sex marriage.

Anonymous said...

I have always wondered about the Che buttons. I have tried to dig up an answer from people carrying it. I think it is just that he looks like mixture of jeesus and jim morrison.

( Che was replacing a corrupt dictatorship with another one. Yet after he succeeded the post of health minister was too boring, so he went rather fighting abroad and meet his end there. )

I did not know he was homophobe tough, but this is hardly unlike since it used to called facist perversion in socialist block. I think the term was originally invented as anti nazi propaganda. ( Röhm was surely gay and other key nazi figures less surely. )

-- Joonas