Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jewish rage boy

There've been riots in Jerusalem lately, by ultra-Orthodox Jews, and in a way that makes me think that they are also trying to contend for the title of the religion of peace.

The original reason for the riots was The Most Unholy Parking Lot, which the city decided to keep open on Saturdays, which the ultra-Orthodox were a bit miffed about, partly because the Lord doesn't allow parking cars on Saturdays (surely must say so in the holy book somewhere), and partly because most of them can't afford a car.

The second reason was a differently sane ultra-Orthodox woman who did not bother feeding her three-year-old son. He is in a hospital now, and she is in a different hospital. The protesters maintain that she is not insane, she is ultra-Orthodox. The city is too polite to elaborate on the difference.

The city is, however, suing the protesters for vandalism. The city has also suspended municipal services to them (live and learn, France).

So far they have only burned 250 dumpsters, smashed 70 traffic lights and damaged some municipal vehicles. Sounds like a regular night in France, sure, but then Meah Shearim is a lot smaller than France.

Here is a picture gallery (flash). And hey, we got our own Jewish rage boy: making a speech, running away, caught.

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