Friday, September 21, 2007

People should know their politicians

Just for fun decided to google the founders of the new islamic party. One of them, Sauli Ingman, has posted quite a lot on Usenet.

Here is what I found: this and this.

The text on the first one:


What is the address of the homepage of Dagestani rebelling muslims
(shura)?? I want to support them by all means, because I am a muslim.

Please inform me. How to help them to gain indepedence from indefidel Russia?

CAN I JOIN THEM IN THE WAR against indifidel
orthodox-communist-capitalist Russia?

Who does pay costs of my campaign?

ME or local muslims or an islamic organization?

How to send a money to rebelling moslems in Dagestan and Chechnya?

Where can I get a proper military equipment and an islamic training?

With Regards

Sauli Ingman
Email direct to me.

And the second one, quite similar:


Hello Dear Moslem,

I am Finnish muslim Sauli Ingman. I prayed even today five prayers to Allah!

I want to help Chechnya and Dagestani rebelling Shura. What are their homepages?

How to help them? How to join a war against Russia in Chechnya? Where to get a proper military equipment and who pays cost of my campaign?

How to send a money to Chechnya?

Why islamic countries do not help officially Chechnya, which is now in a desperate situation? Something militarily has to happen and soon!

Let´s drive Russians out of Chechnya and Dagestan!!!!!!!

How many islamic voluntaries are fighting in Caucasia???

Please inform me about homepages and helping facilities and possibilities to drive indifidels out of Caucasia.

Yours sincerely

Sauli Ingman
The Finnish muslim (indeed!!)

Having failed to find a sponsor for his inner-struggle trips to Dagestan and Chechnya he was reduced to running in the Helsinki municipal elections from Vasemmistoliitto instead.

Now, maybe there is an innocent explanation for all of this. A lot of people post stuff they are not proud of when drunk, or maybe the guy just left a session open on one of the university's computers in a public place, or maybe some evildoers forged the message. But I think it might be at least worth asking about.

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